Corona Virus Pandemic

About Our Organisation

As much as COVID-19 is a global health crisis, it is also a human crisis. Prevention such as vaccines is one of the most effective measures to mitigate such a catastrophic public health crisis. Before the availability of the vaccine, precautions such as wearing a mask can potentially reduce the virus transmission rate. Recent modelling studies suggest that timely and comprehensive precautions and care are needed to prevent a second wave of COVID-19.In a free market, the risks of not having enough masks for the general population may negatively impact the outbreak. Also, it is the time of the festive season, like Dushehra, Deepawali, Wedding season, and New-Year celebration, soon. After the removal of lockdown by the GOI, people are taking the situation lightly. So it is a peak time for making people aware that the deadliest virus is still there. The timely implementations of the public awareness program, free distribution of masks, and government advocacy and policies will decrease the COVID-19 spread as much as possible.

A Governing Committee consisting of 9 persons elected democratically by its General Body governs SGJSS. Elections on the board are held every five years. SGJSS runs on a fully decentralized management system headed by the Secretary, who is supported by a cadre of professional and administrative staff. Program and performances are monitored on a regular basis in quarterly review and planning meetings. Eminent experts from the field of management, agriculture, environment, health, women empowerment, and social work, etc. are invited to these meetings.


The GOI and WHO highlighted the importance of wearing the mask, and social distancing also told various dos’ and don’ts to defeat COVID-19. SGJSS will develop a good collection of awareness materials in English, Hindi, and other local languages, depending upon the target audience. SGJSS will target on raising awareness about symptoms and prevention, bursting myths, and encouraging social distancing. The awareness materials will include printed posters and stickers for display in hospitals and public places, short videos, social media posters, and Q&A on COVID-19, weekly community meetings, and radio announcements. SGJSS will run campaigns not only in villages and cities but also on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others, for global awareness. SGJSS will also focus on distributing free masks to the needy.


Due to the awareness program, people will be more conscious and will take precautions. Consequently, the spread of coronavirus will be decreased. In addition to this, the negative impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on the socio-economic condition of the country will be minimized.